Hobart has four distinct seasons but we can have four seasons in a day so remember to bring a jacket for those unseasonal cool nights.

Spring arrives and the garden bursts into life as the weather warms up with temperatures ranging from 16-19C. This is a beautiful time of year in Hobart with less tourists here than in Summer.

Summer is glorious with crystal clear blue skies and warm days which cool at night to a comfortable sleeping temperature. Day temperatures range from 21-26C. At the summer solstice we have 1.5. hours of daylight which gives you plenty of time to enjoy our attractions.

Autumn and early on the fine, warmish weather stays with us with tempertures ranging from 22C in March to 16C in May. This is a time when a lot of work is done in the garden in preparation for Springs fruit and vegetable crops.

Winter is often fine but cool with temperatures sitting between 13-16C during the day and cooler at night. Bendalls rooms have heating which you can adjust to suit you but you will need warm clothes if you are visiting outdoor attractions.

Throughout the year evenings are often cooler than during the day and sometimes we have all four seasons in one day. We recommend you bring a jacket and/or a wind vest with you when you visit Tasmania.

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